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  1. nickname: dj E-bah steam ID: STEAM_1:1:511157282 violation: omba more than 5 rounds server number: #1 proofs: have video on galery comments i can to upload video on yuotube but its will take so much time so...
  2. @iCatbecause i didnt find the videos so u can close the topic and not giving ban to hokage about bagayuz
  3. @iCatpls belive me lamber saw the video and he say Одобрено. so pls give him ban
  4. @iCati thing i can recover the videos i mean the all videos that denis oskrablait me
  5. nickname: hokage steam ID: STEAM_1:1:42203001 violation: bagayuz server number: #1 comments: play with race snapier and use ult on the start like 3 or 2 times and i have full video proofs:
  6. @Kuroi Okamii know russian i know read and talk buy now write
  7. @1234..hack ti ne doshan on palochile VAC