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  1. nickname: hokage steam ID: STEAM_1:1:42203001 violation: bagayuz server number: #1 comments: play with race snapier and use ult on the start like 3 or 2 times and i have full video proofs:
  2. nickname: dj E-bah steam ID: STEAM_1:1:511157282 violation: omba more than 5 rounds server number: #1 proofs: have video on galery comments i can to upload video on yuotube but its will take so much time so...
  3. Ваш ник: BAN-MAN Ссылка на ваш бан:https://bans.starserv.ru/index.php?p=banlist&searchText=BAN-MAN Ник админ: denisnots Причина бана: Неуважение админа № Сервера: #5 Ваш STEAMID: STEAM_1:1:438690944 Демка: no
  4. @iCatbecause i didnt find the videos so u can close the topic and not giving ban to hokage about bagayuz
  5. @iCatpls belive me lamber saw the video and he say Одобрено. so pls give him ban
  6. @iCati thing i can recover the videos i mean the all videos that denis oskrablait me
  7. nickname: denisnots profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198801733464 Violation: oskrablil server number: wcs bigstar #5 proofs: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjtOHlRtbQtdpUnZ1vzjJPA?view_as=subscriber i have a full video
  8. nickname: flame steam ID: STEAM_1:0:510713473 Violation: cheater aimspin and wallhack sever number: 1 proof: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjtOHlRtbQtdpUnZ1vzjJPA?view_as=subscriber
  9. race name: IMBA? skills: Жизни, Регенерация, Воскрешение, Вампиризм, Паралич, Взрыв, Скорость, Бессмертие,Невидимость ,Уклонение, Ослепление, Отравление / ЯД, Урон. Жизни: lvl 1=249 Регенерация: lvl 1=249 2=250 max regen, regen up 29 hp up on 2 sec Воскрешение: lvl 1=2 times Вампиризм: lvl 1= chance 59.9% and power 99.9% Паралич: lvl 1=2 times Взрыв ult 15 seconds cooldown: lvl 5=radius all the map (the biggest map on bigstar wcs) dmg 99 Скорость: lvl 1=259.9 Бессмертие ability: lvl 1=cooldown 15 sec time 5 sec Невидимость: lvl 1=74.9% Уклонение: lvl 1=59.9% Ослепление: lvl 1=2.9 sec Отравление / ЯД: dmg 29 sec 1.1 time poison 3 cek Урон: chance 100 power: 199
  10. @Kuroi Okamii know russian i know read and talk buy now write
  11. @1234..hack ti ne doshan on palochile VAC
  12. i dont have the video i delete but proofs have
  13. @Fо́londor yes thats need to be big lvl and ganza saw this so
  14. oh okay sorry ayzava shota @LamberFanzthx thats u say to me so its bretty good race
  15. ne imba ana dshno bit tipa imba no ana ne and thats why hes nickname imba?
  16. nickname: ilay_ringer steam ID: STEAM_1:0:76169069 Violation: cheater server : bigstar #1 proofs: no
  17. nickname: royale profile ID: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198377159547 Violation: oskrablenya server number: 1 proofs: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjtOHlRtbQtdpUnZ1vzjJPA?view_as=subscriber